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    About Vastu World

    Mr. Riitesh Kataria is the best renowned International Astro Numerologist, Wedding Consultant, and Vastu Expert. He shares his insights, experience, opinions, with everyone worldwide. Mr. Riitesh Kataria is well known for his Number Science, Vaastu Expertise, and Healing Techniques. Mr. Riitesh Kataria has transformed the lives of many people and businesses with his Numerology Skills. According to him, Numerology is the best secret language of our universe and a belief in the divine and a strong relationship between a number and coinciding events. Your birth date numbers come into existence on the day you are born. Your governing numbers are the key to unlocking your potential & determining your fate. These numbers are solely determined by the date of your birth and your name which is the most important part of Numerology. (Sun-sign Number / Zodiac Number, Bhagyank / Life Path number, Mulank, Driver Number, Birth Number & Name Change Spelling)

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